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My Specialties.    

Natural, sunkissed, lived in balayage: hair that looks better, longer! The best option for my low-maintenance clients.  Custom hand-painted color without having to do a big service every 6 weeks.


Fashion colors:  For my more daring and bold clients.  These are high maintenance colors that usually require a big initial correctional service followed by frequent 3-4 week refreshers.


Custom extensions:  My expertise is in hair talk tape-in extensions but I am newly certified in hand-tied extensions as well.  Extensions are a way to add length, fullness, or even color without chemically altering your natural hair.


Treatments: Keratin treatments can benefit pretty much everyone.  They are so much safer (the brand I use has NO formaldehyde) than when keratins first came around and reduce frizz, add strength and protein, and cut down styling time by 50%.  I also offer a bondpro treatment to structurally heal damaged hair!

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