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Salon Policies

My color services are listed as packaged services.  This means they already include top-of-the-line product and your toning or gloss service.  The “starting price” indicates that on certain occasions depending on your hair density and the service, there may be a product upcharge.  You will never be in the dark about the cost of your service or the possibility of an upcharge.  New and returning clients will always be privy to a consultation and price breakdown before receiving any service.  Deposits must be made for extension services and will be charged at your consultation appointment.  Please keep in mind for any hair goal, it may take several services to achieve your goal.  Color corrections (including major changes) may take 5+ hours and/or multiple sessions.  If you have any booking questions please feel free to call or text me.  I want my clients to feel comfortable and in the know.

New Clients

For all new clients, I recommend booking a free consultation prior to your first service visit.  That way we can discuss your hair history, do a test strand if necessary, and plan a course of action to achieve your hair goals.  All clients are required to submit a credit card in order to make an appointment.  You will never be charged until you have received a thorough consultation, price breakdown, and the service is rendered.  That being said, if you no show for a service or cancel within 24 hours you will be charged 25% for any booked services.

Cancellation/No Show/ Late Policy

Life happens!  Please text me if you have something come up and I will always do my best to accommodate rescheduling you at your convenience.  I do have to value my time and each of my other client’s time who are trying to book with me.  For that reason, for any “no show” I will be charging a 25% fee to any services booked.  There will also be the same charge if an appointment is canceled after the 24-hour window mark.  Again, please text me if you have an emergency and I will reschedule you and waive the fee.


If you no show or cancel within this window 2+ times I will have to take a 50% deposit in order to book your future appointments.  If you no show or cancel this deposit is non-refundable.


Clients who are 15+ minutes late it will be under my discretion if I can still take you or if we need to reschedule.  My schedule is time-sensitive and I must respect all client’s time as well.

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